Changes in the Community

[TiC] Prime COUNCIL posted Mar 24, 17

Due to the recent structural changes within the community, the Council has decided to implement additional changes that we believe will benefit the community as a whole. Previously, new users to the TeamSpeak were greeted by an On-Duty member who would make sure that the new users spoke fluent English, possessed a functioning microphone, and were at least 15 years of age. While the guidelines must still be met to become a member of Thriving in Chaos, the “Public Area” and “Friend Zone” will not adhere to the aforementioned rules.

New clients that enter the server will now be labeled as “Guest” and will be given access to the “Public Area” and “AFK” channels. After they have accumulated enough points through activity (roughly 15 days) on the TeamSpeak, they will be promoted to Friend and receive the added perk of gaining access to the “Friend Zone”. This means that Guests and Friends will be unable to access the Gaming Hub and Comp Channels and will only be granted access to Private channels if the channel owner allows it.

The On-Duty position will now become our Trainee position for Enforcer. On-Duty members will either be dropped or promoted to Enforcer based on their activity level within the community.

WilliamEdmondsII Can I become a member? please =D